Matthew 9:35-10:42

“In our Empire-bound world, everything Jesus has described is actually what it means to be like God–to be “at His level”–to have His authority…Jesus is so united to His Father, even though, when facing His own cross, He will ask for the cup to be taken from Him, He can’t really imagine wanting to do anything else but the will of the Father. It’s almost as if He can’t imagine us wanting to do anything else, either.”


Mini-Message: Rev. Barbara Jernigan

Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)

Matthew 5 – particularly focusing on verses 13-20

Matthew’s record of this sermon of Jesus’ is specifically for those of us who believe we are the people of God, who think we understand what the kingdom of heaven must look like. It is through Him that we interpret the law and the prophets.


Mini Message: Rev Barbara Jernigan

Main Message: Pastor Jenn