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Central Baptist Church is a small, welcoming, no-frills congregation. We love the Lord our God and are trying to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ, in what we say, what we do, and our very character. Our service style is traditional yet intentional, and we are learning together to worship God in the Spirit and in truth as we pray, sing both traditional and more contemporary hymns, listen to comprehensive teaching from Scripture, and share our tithes and offerings.

Even as we pray for a greater ministry to children and youth here, we also believe that young people are able to participate in corporate worship with the larger body of Christ and our teens are involved in ministry to the congregation alongside the adults. We enjoy fellowship and growing in community with each other each week.

We share a portion of what God provides to our congregation with other like-minded Jesus-followers who serve our local community and with missions around the world. If you are looking for a faith community where you can be known and an active participant in building up the body of Christ, please join us on Sundays at 10AM. Central Baptist Church just may be the family of faith that God is calling you to during this season.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have been following Massachusetts state guidelines regarding masking, social distancing, etc. Currently masks are encouraged but not required, and we are meeting in person in our sanctuary on Main Street in Southbridge. We also livestream our services every Sunday morning on Facebook. Please be wise and considerate in your in-person interactions with others.

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Donations may also be made by sending a check to Central Baptist Church, PO Box 886, Southbridge, MA 01550. Thank you for your prayerful generosity.

During our Lenten sermon series, beginning the Sunday before Ash Wednesday this year (2/27), we will be exploring the topic of prayer. What is prayer? How do we do it? Do we need to? Is it a cop-out? And does it really work?